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Industry News

Differences between the TN panel and the IPS panel

Date: 2023-04-27 16:57:00 Click:172   Source:Lcdkiosk

TN Panel:

TN screen is a common soft screen in the early days. It can press the water ripple by hand. Its technology is mature and its cost is low. The response time of the TN screen is fast, which can reach 1ms without residual image. Screens using this material are often used as professional esports screens, and with fast response, the TN screen can present rapidly changing scene details without loss.

Relatively speaking, the defects of TN panel are also obvious. The output gray level is less, the original color is only 6bit, the screen color is white, the viewing Angle is small, and the display effect is normal. When viewed from different angles, there will be color bias and brightness differences. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this kind of screen if you are engaged in design, film and television post related work or have high requirements for screen color when watching entertainment.

IPS panel:

The IPS screen has a hard panel and does not distort when you touch the screen with your finger. The IPS panel is much better than the TN panel in terms of color display and viewing Angle. The range and accuracy of color display are also outstanding. The wide viewing Angle is the primary advantage of the IPS panel. At present, most professional screens related to image processing use IPS panels.

Because IPS screens require more backlights to improve brightness and have high power consumption, light leakage is a common problem of IPS screens due to poor control.