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Industry News

The choose and buy of wisdom education | electronic whiteboard

Date: 2023-05-10 10:01:00 Click:169   Source:Lcdkiosk

As a new visual interactive system, intelligent electronic whiteboard has been widely used in education, business meetings, outdoor advertising and other fields. With the rapid development and popularization of high-definition display technology and mobile Internet, 4K ultra-high-definition display has gradually become the standard of the new generation of electronic whiteboard. At the same time, users have put forward higher requirements for the intelligent and interactive experience of electronic whiteboard. The hardware computing platform of traditional electronic whiteboard, In HD display features, computing performance, network performance and maintenance and upgrade convenience, and other aspects, has been unable to meet the demand.

Application requirement

The new generation of electronic whiteboard has features such as large screen ultra HD video playback, touch man-machine interaction, data cloud sharing, etc. The whole machine is large and bulky, which requires the hardware computing platform to have:

1) Powerful processing performance, complete a large number of operations and data processing while displaying the output of ultra-high definition;

2) 4K ultra-high definition display, support large screen, HD decoding to achieve smooth playback;

3) Open pluggable interface, easy to separate the hardware computing platform from the equipment, separate maintenance and upgrade;

4) High-speed and stable network transmission, realizing real-time acquisition, update and upload of network information and data.

5) Long-term and stable supply ability, and fast and timely after-sales service and technical support.

The choose and buy of wisdom education | electronic whiteboard

Buyer's recommendation

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Purchasing electronic whiteboard precautions

computer interface、output type、 Panel size、effective reading size、Number of panels

1. Before purchasing the electronic whiteboard, the user needs should be fully considered. For example, if you want to realize the annotation of projection content and operate the computer directly on the screen to build an interactive speech mode, you can choose the interactive electronic whiteboard.

2. the board and frame of the electronic whiteboard must be flat, the board can not exist reflective problems, in addition, but also pay attention to the size of the electronic whiteboard, is suitable for use in the existing environment.

3. the electronic whiteboard must have the characteristics of simple and easy to use, in the purchase can be tried on the spot, to see whether the writing pen is easy to use, feel comfortable, weight is appropriate.

4. The life of the electronic whiteboard depends to a certain extent on the material of the panel. In general, softer panels have shorter life spans. In addition, the processing technology will also have an impact on the life, so in addition to the selection of panel material, but also to see whether the four corners of the panel is reinforced, whether the support is stable enough.

After large screen purchase, is there a professional technician responsible for the installation of equipment? How do I solve the problems during installation? How is the installation progress synchronized?

Perfect service at ease

Complete pre-sale, installation and after-sales service. We can provide you with the following tutorials, professional engineers responsible for the whole installation and after-sales work.

Efficient operation and maintenance save mind and effort

With the increase of intelligent terminals, school IT departments have limited manpower, unable to take into account the equipment operation and maintenance of dozens or even hundreds of classrooms;

Our smart education screen can be equipped with intelligent cloud desktop solution, allowing school IT personnel to manage and deploy in a unified manner, greatly facilitating operation and maintenance work.

The choose and buy of wisdom education | electronic whiteboard

Model according to function

1. Screen function

The screen must have delicate display, wide Angle of view and other functions, especially the hardware anti-blue light function, which can play a good role in protecting students' eyesight;

A 4k resolution screen with anti-blue light hardware and software and a wide viewing Angle is a must when purchasing.

2. Comprehensive interface

The common interface is rich, and easy to plug and plug humanized interface design teachers are very convenient;

The front interface is necessary! USB-A, USB-C, HDMI and other products with common interfaces are better choices.

3. Camera and microphone

Camera radio selection on demand;

Meet the needs of "three classes";

Meet the needs of quality courses, recording micro lessons.

4. Teaching function

Perfect discipline teaching tools. For example, game templates, virtual experiments, geometric drawings;

It can connect a whole set of teaching links including pre-class preparation, in-class teaching and after-class practice to achieve wisdom teaching. For example, prepare teaching solutions.

5. Processor performance

A CPU with four or more cores is preferred

More smooth use experience

Longer life cycle

Choose the class according to the classroom, measure the area, choose the brand according to the service, set the model according to the function

Help teachers to choose the right hand of teaching, students' classroom partners, school information road!

Our smart education screen and smart blackboard new products appear, providing a variety of choices for smart education!

The choose and buy of wisdom education | electronic whiteboard